Close-up of the unique almost 50cm long ears of a goat in Pakistan

The goat with half a meter long ears caused a stir in Pakistan becoming a local celebrity.

The baby goat named Simba, meaning lion in Swahili, was born on a farm in Karachi, Pakistan. From the moment the goat was born, the goat became a local celebrity.

Unlike its counterpart, the Simba goat has extremely long ears, it can drag on the ground when walking.

It is known that Simba goat was born with ears up to half a meter long. Its ears look like the ears of the elephant Dumbo in the famous cartoon of the same name. Dumbo elephant’s ears are large and long, allowing it to fly after a period of training.

Muhammad Hassan Narejo, owner of a large goat farm, said: “This is a special goat, nothing like this has ever happened on my farm. We hope Simba will be in the history books soon. Guinness World Records”.

Simba the goat and its owner seem to have a special relationship. Muhammad Hassan Narejo took care of the goat carefully, gave it milk by hand, and persevered in learning to walk step by step for the goat because its strange appearance prevented it from walking normally. Sometimes, Muhammad Hassan Narejo had to find a way to keep the goat’s long ears from getting tangled when it was windy.

According to experts, Simba’s super-long ears are the result of a genetic mutation or genetic disorder. Fortunately, the goat did not have much difficulty, learning to live comfortably with its rare appearance.

Muhammad Hassan Narejo is making a file to send to the Guinness World Records for the goat with super long ears to be listed in the record books soon.

No goat currently holds the Guinness World Record for longest ears, but there is a dog that holds the same title. Lou, a 3-year-old dog, has officially entered the record book for having the longest ears in the world 34 cm. The black and tan terrier of an American woman from Oregon.

Goat farming is a very popular business in Pakistan, partly because the environment in this country is suitable for the living conditions of goats.

Goat ears have a very important purpose when living in extreme temperatures like Pakistan. In the summer, the daytime temperature can sometimes reach 47 degrees Celsius. The ears help them maintain a stable body temperature, not to overheat.



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