Discover animals found frozen in ice: Shocking examples! (Video)

Frozen Animals: A Look at the Wonders of Nature


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Frozen animals are a fascinating phenomenon that has been around for centuries. From frozen moose to frozen alligators, these animals have been found in various places around the world. In this article, we will take a look at some of the most interesting frozen animals that have been discovered.

10 Most Amazing Creatures Found Frozen In Ice! - YouTube

Two men in Alaska were out for a walk near the Bering Sea when they stumbled upon two frozen moose in the middle of a fight. The moose were frozen in the middle of a battle, which is a once in a lifetime event. Scientists believe that the animals became frozen due to an avalanche that buried them before they could react. Another explanation is that they got into some cold water and kicked to swim, making it appear as though they were fighting.

In Russia, a homeless cat slipped beneath a car to stay warm during the night. The snow where the cat was resting evaporated due to the engine’s heat when the automobile drove away in the morning. The cat was found frozen in the ice and a rescue mission was launched. Boiling water was thrown on the cat to dissolve the ice that had frozen her body. Fortunately, the cat was unharmed and was quickly adopted.

Bigfoot Caught

The Minnesota Iceman is a frozen body of a giant humanoid ape that looks similar to Bigfoot. It was called the missing link between contemporary people and Neanderthals. Two cryptozoologists were convinced that the body was a true dead body of a previously discovered missing link between humans and Neanderthals. When it arrived at the custodian Frank Hansen’s residence, it caused a great deal of confusion.

Frozen Woman

At first sight, this woman stuck in the ice may not appear to be very terrifying, but her tail may send shivers down your spine. This Incan mummy was discovered on the edge of a volcano over 20,000 feet above sea level surrounded by what were most likely her children. She was said to be so well preserved that lice could still be seen in her hair. Her tribe sacrificed her to the volcano due to her multiple ailments including tuberculosis. According to an examination of her body, doctors were able to deduce her many ailments from her well-preserved corpse, providing a window into the time period in which she lived. Visitors are known to whisper around the corpse in

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