Discover Asia That Shakes the World: Unbelievable Discovery Revealed

Mysterious and Bizarre Creatures Discovered Around the World

From deep sea creatures to giant mythical beasts, the world is full of mysterious and bizarre creatures. From the Yokozuna Iwashi, a deep sea fish found in the depths of the Pacific Ocean, to the Cambodian Monster, a giant creature dug out of the ground off the coast of Cambodia, these creatures have left us in awe and wonder.

What They Discovered In Asia Shocked the Whole World - YouTube

The Yokozuna Iwashi, named after the title given to the sumo wrestling champions, was discovered in the depths of the Pacific Ocean. A CT scan and generic analysis of the fish revealed the content in its stomach, suggesting that it preys on other deep fish and is at the top of the local food chain.

In 2017, divers in Thailand came across a long barrel-shaped planktonic tunnel moving along the waves of water inside the Andaman Sea. Upon closer inspection, the gelatinous bodies measuring up to 15 feet long turned out to be sea salps linked together in long chains and are most abundantly found in the Southern Ocean. They have transparent barrel-like bodies with the ability to glow in the dark.

What they Captured in a Desert Shocked the Whole World

Straight out of Japan’s Suruga Bay, a fish was spotted walking across the sand with fins that are shaped up into elbows. Known as the Yellow Angler Fish, the creature is known to literally have fingers and toes upon which it walks on rocks and coral upside down and in sideway. Besides this, the fish has got a lure located on top of its head to attract prey and then swallows it whole with a single movement of its open mouth, even if the prey is slightly larger than the entire size of its own body. The fish also knows how to blend in with the sponges and mimics the sponge pour while looking for the next prey.

In 2010, a video surfaced over the Internet showing an unknown giant monster being dug out of the ground roughly 26 miles off the coast of Cambodia. Believed to be sacred, the locals decided to lift the beast and bury it out of respect for all other sea creatures somewhere within the country.

Alligator captured in New York park, possibly 'cold shocked' | Americas –  Gulf News

In 2018, tourists while kayaking around Rayleigh Bay and Thailand spotted Ewok-like troll monkeys playing music on the edge of Thai Island. Standing on the edge of the rocks and walking around the shallow waters, the monkeys looked orangey brown, like fictional creatures from Star Wars. However, upon closer inspection, it was

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