Discover unusual creatures: Little-known animals that will amaze you (Video)

Are you tired of seeing the same old animals at the zoo? Well, get ready to meet some strange and unique creatures that you probably never knew existed. Here are ten animals that will blow your mind.

Starting off at number ten, we have the Mangalitsa pig, also known as the pig in sheep’s clothing. This curly-haired pig was discovered in Hungary in the mid-19th century and resembles a sheep due to its fleece covering. The fleece can be black or red, but these cuties are most commonly blond. Sadly, this pig was nearly extinct by the 1990s due to its tasty lard, but thankfully, its future looks much brighter now.

At number nine, we have the Rhinopithecus, or golden snub-nosed monkey. This species is named roxellana and is believed to be named after the snub-nosed courtesan of Suleiman the Magnificent, a 16th-century Sultan of the Ottoman Empire. Male and female monkeys differ in size and color, with males being twice as heavy and females having darker tones on their forehead and upper parts.

Number eight is the Emperor tamarin, a cute little guy with a fabulous mustache that resembles that of German Emperor Wilhelm II. They are only about 10 inches in size, but their tail can be up to 16 inches long. They live in groups of 4 to 20 animals and are not completely vegetarian, as they can feast on frogs, snails, and even small birds.

At number seven, we have the Patagonian Mara, the fourth-largest rodent on our planet. Females often put their offspring into creches for safety, and males help guard their babies. They can leap up to 6 feet in the air and can be quite flighty.

Number six is the fluffy cow, which is not a new breed but is looked after by special people who wash, dry, and style them to look as fluffy as they do. It takes months of regular grooming to achieve their lovely look, and it is done mostly for shows.

At number five, we have the Markhor goat, which can grow up to six feet from head to tail, and their horns can grow up to 5.2 feet long. They are strict vegans and eat leaves, grass, fruit, and flowers.

Number four is the raccoon dog, which is not closely related to the North American raccoon but is more closely related to domesticated dogs, wolves, and foxes. They are monogamous and mate for life, and a pair of them works together to raise their kids.

At number three, we have the blue-footed booby, a charismatic bird found in the Galapagos Islands. They have funny and complicated mating rituals, and their blue feet indicate their healthy immune system.

Number two is the Malayan colugo, also known as the flying lemur, which doesn’t fly nor is it a lemur. They have a large gliding membrane and can glide for long distances between trees. They are awkward climbers and not very strong.

And finally, at number one, we have the Venezuelan poodle moth, which was only discovered in 2009 and looks like a furry poodle. Its hairs don’t serve for heating but are for protection or sensing the environment.

And as a bonus, we have the cloud antelope, a fantastic toy made by CMWyvern that lives in the clouds and has bright blue fur. Its diet consists of sunrays and candies, but unfortunately, it’s not a real living creature.

In conclusion, these ten strange animals are just a few examples of the vast diversity of life on our planet. Who knows what other unique creatures are out there waiting to be discovered?

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