Discovering albino crocodiles in the amazon river makes viewers unable to believe their eyes


The Tibetan Plateau is home to some of the most unique and fascinating creatures on the planet, and the Tibetan White Crocodile is no exception. Also known as the Tibetan snow crocodile, this elusive and endangered species is found in the rivers and lakes of the Himalayan region. In this article, we will explore the world of the Tibetan White Crocodile, its physical characteristics, behavior, and conservation status.

Cá sấu bạch tạng

Physical Characteristics:

The Tibetan White Crocodile is a medium-sized crocodile, measuring up to 2.5 meters in length. Its body is covered in rough, scaly skin, which is typically gray or brown in color. Its most distinctive feature is its white underbelly, which gives the species its name. The Tibetan White Crocodile also has powerful jaws and teeth that it uses to catch and eat its prey.

Cá sấu bạch tạng qua đời - VnExpress


The Tibetan White Crocodile is a solitary and territorial species, and it is known to be aggressive towards other crocodiles and animals that enter its territory. It is a carnivorous species, and its diet consists mainly of fish, birds, and other small animals. The crocodile is also known to bask in the sun on the banks of rivers and lakes, and it is a strong swimmer that can dive deep underwater to catch its prey

Phẫn nộ nam thanh niên làm giả cá sấu bạch tạng để trêu người dân | VTC14 -  YouTube

The Tibetan White Crocodile is an endangered species, and its population is declining rapidly due to habitat loss and human activity. The crocodile’s habitat is under threat due to the construction of dams, pollution, and over

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