Going into the sea to meet a strange creature that looks like an alien “monster”, the man is scared and does not know its true value

No one expected this alien “monster”-looking creature to be so expensive.

Martyn Green, 47, from New Brighton, Merseyside County (England) was walking on the coast of Caernarfon in North Wales when he suddenly “encountered” a creature with a strange look on his family vacation. very strange outside.

From a distance, Martyn thought it was just a large log that drifted from the ocean and was swept ashore by the waves. However, when approaching, Martyn was startled to see it as an alien “monster”. After taking a closer look, he saw that it was thousands of sea creatures with tentacles clinging to a log.

Martyn did not know what species it was, much less the origin of the strange white diamond-shaped creatures because he had never seen them.

He said: “My wife Gemma was the first to see them. My family was walking on the beach and she called us back. We looked and found these could be strange creatures that have never been seen before. exist in this world. Local people are also curious about that strange-looking creature.”

Martyn’s son Daniel googled for answers and learned that they were marine creatures with the scientific name Gooseneck Barnacles.

Gooseneck Barnacles belongs to the order geese, which are rare specimens considered a delicacy in Mediterranean countries such as Portugal and Spain.



“Turns out they’re some of the most expensive sea creatures you can buy,” says Martyn. From a Google search, I think each of those animals costs around £25 and that’s probably around 2,000.”

If the estimates are correct, that means the log filled with sea creatures will fetch a staggering £50,000.

Ha goose is an animal that looks ugly but tastes delicious and strange, a mixture of oysters and shrimp. In addition, some people call the geese “truffle of the sea” because of their rarity and hard to find. With thick bodies, claw-like parts shaped like diamonds, they can only live on rocks in the intertidal zone (the part of the coast between high and low tide).

Humans cannot raise geese, only the sea can. Therefore, it is very difficult to harvest them and gooseberries are considered the most rare and difficult to exploit in Spain, Portugal and Russia, especially in the southwestern region of Costa Vicentina. Because of their culinary and monetary value, gooseberries are always supplied to the market, and divers take advantage of the inclement weather to capture them.

A diver is looking for geese.

According to Fernando Damas, a geese diver, “Even a bad day at sea is better than a calm day at the office. The ocean is always full of surprises.”

Martyn posted pictures of these precious strange creatures on Facebook and attracted the attention of many people. One said the find was “amazing” while another described these unusual sea creatures as looking “like creepy alien creatures”.

In fact, Gooseneck Barnacles are not uncommon, but they are rarely seen in such large numbers on the North Wales coast, said Frankie Hobro, director of the Anglesey Marine Zoo.

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