Immature babies like the young dragons in “Game of Thrones” were born.

Just when we think we’ve seen it all, Mother Nature surprises us with a beautiful creation. If you have ever seen “Games of Thrones” you will surely think that these armadillo lizards are a perfect miniature version of the dragons from the series. A unique creation worthy of admiration to remind us that reality far exceeds fiction.

Their scientific name is Cordyluz catapharactus.

These beautiful creatures are experts in defense despite not having a large size, their body is covered with robust scales and spines that allow them to defend themselves against large predators.

Their stomach is the weakest and least protected part of their body, so when they feel threatened, they curl up and bite their tails, marking a self-defense position.

They can stay coiled up for up to an hour.

Native to southern Africa, found in desert or semi-desert locations, these small lizards spend most of their time in screams or rock nooks and crannies.

They have developed incredible abilities to protect themselves from the climate and predators in the area. Armadillo lizards like most of their species enjoy sunbathing, but unlike other reptiles they do not lay eggs.

Their main predators are snakes, birds of prey and mongooses.

They survive by feeding on termites and small insects. Because they are so adorable and have a strong resemblance to miniature dragons, they are currently threatened.

Their numbers have been reduced due to illegal hunting and the desire of many people to keep them as pets.

They can only grow up to 10 centimeters long.

Although visually they may have a fearsome appearance, in reality they are very docile and excessively tender, when in a dangerous situation they often prefer to flee rather than face the enemy.

To feed, they must travel up to 18 meters, a long distance in relation to their small body.

They can live up to 10 years.

Males by nature are very territorial, something that intensifies when the mating season arrives.

Their curious appearance attracts the attention of all reptile lovers.

They have more prominent femoral pores than females. They give birth to one or two young per year, their gestation period lasts between six and eight months.

Their tail is flattened as well as their head.

Only in very rare cases can a female last up to a year pregnant if she feels her calf is in danger. Something extraordinary and touching in reptiles.

The International Union for Conservation of Nature has declared this reptile species as vulnerable, since in recent years it has suffered a significant decline in its population due to the collection of specimens as pets.

Please, let’s be conscious beings and contemplate these creatures in their natural habitat. Let’s make it possible for more people to enjoy this cute miniature version of dragons. Share!

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