Interesting discovery: an elephant with a face similar to a gorilla makes photographers unable to believe their eyes (Video)

A strange and unusual elephant has been discovered in the forests of West Africa, with a face that looks eerily similar to that of a monkey. This fascinating creature has been dubbed the “monkey-faced elephant” and has left scientists and nature enthusiasts alike scratching their heads. In this article, we will explore the world of the monkey-faced elephant, its characteristics, behavior, and conservation status.

The monkey-faced elephant is a unique species that has distinct facial features. Its face is elongated, with a protruding snout, and its ears are larger and more rounded than those of a typical elephant. Its body is gray and wrinkled, and it has a long trunk that it uses for foraging and communication. The monkey-faced elephant is also smaller in size than a typical elephant, making it easier for it to navigate through dense forests.


The behavior of the monkey-faced elephant is similar to that of a typical elephant. It is a social animal and lives in herds, led by a matriarch. The elephant’s long trunk allows it to communicate with other members of its herd, and it is also used for gathering food and water. The monkey-faced elephant is an herbivore, and it feeds on a variety of plants, including leaves, bark, and fruits.

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The monkey-faced elephant is found in the dense forests of West Africa, where it can forage for food and find shelter. Its habitat is under threat due to deforestation, and the elephant’s population is declining rapidly. Conservation efforts are needed to protect the monkey-faced elephant’s habitat and ensure its survival.


The monkey-faced elephant is a rare and unique species, and its conservation is essential. The elephant is under threat from habitat loss, poaching, and human encroachment. To protect this species, conservation efforts should focus on protecting its habitat, enforcing laws against poaching, and educating local communities about the importance of conserving the monkey-faced elephant.


In conclusion, the monkey-faced elephant is a fascinating and unique species that deserves our attention and protection. Its distinct facial features and behavior make it one of the most intriguing animals on the planet. As we continue to learn more about this elephant, we can better understand its role in the ecosystem and the importance of preserving its habitat. Through education, research, and conservation efforts, we can ensure that the monkey-faced elephant remains a part of our natural world for generations to come.

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