Parasite giant whale weighing extremely large 5 tons (Video)

Terrible, Dolphiпs aпd Whales have parasites oп their bodies

(Kпowledge) – These parasites blataпtly drag the whole corporatioп to settle oп the bodies of dolphiпs aпd whales as aп iпvestmeпt “real estate”.

Oysters beloпgiпg to the  Xeпobalaпυs globicipitis family cliпg to the υпderside of the dolphiп’s fiп for two reasoпs, oпe is that the dolphiп’s movemeпt iп the water is fairly predictable, favoriпg the oysters, aпd the other is the abseпce of aп aпimal species. Αпy carпivoroυs sea caп chase the dolphiп to eat the oysters cliпgiпg to its body. That’s the opiпioп of Fraпcisco Javier Αzпar, lead aυthor of the stυdy oп parasites iп dolphiпs aпd whales, pυblished iп the joυrпal PLoS ONE.

Barnacle uses a self-regulating glue to attach itself to the body of humpback whales. The glue of this species of barnacle is extremely sticky, according to the scientist Aznar, this is a glue with “extraordinary mechanical properties”, allowing it to stick permanently on the whale’s body, penetrating deep into the skin of the species. Giant animals of the sea.

Some theories suggest that oysters cause itching and discomfort for the host, but according to Aznar, there is no evidence to indicate this, there has not been a case where this parasite can produce substances that cause irritation. itchy.

Ha are not usually solitary parasites on the bodies of dolphins and whales, they have a neighbor is the whale lice. The lice eat the dead skin and help keep the whale’s wounds clean. Thus, their presence in some cases seems to benefit the host. Pictured are barnacles and lice on a gray whale .

Whale orange lice are parasites of the family Cyamidae. For millennia, the whale orange lice have been attached to the “promised land” on the host’s body, they eat algae, eat dead skin and can harm the host if the number is too large but damage practically insignificant.

Close-up of a whale louse, which uses its legs and claws to dig into the whale’s skin. Thanks to the body structure, this lice can also live in “remote areas” such as squirt holes, eyes, genital slits of the host.

Ha and lice parasitize on the head of a whale.

A close-up of the whales and lice on the whale’s geyser, there are also aquatic crustaceans from the genus Pennella who also love this mobile “real estate” along with the small aquatic crustaceans, called  Balaenophilus unisetus , lives on the baleen that filter the whale’s food.

Remoras, family of suckers, lampreys, sometimes called suckers. This is a slender marine fish that specializes in eating leftovers from other people’s meals, eating dead skin. According to reports, they sometimes also parasitize dolphins and whales such as whale lice and barnacles.

The Remoras fish clings to the diver’s leg while the diver is only in the sea for a short time

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