Shocking hybrid animals created by scientists you won’t believe exist (Video)

Once upon a time, only our mighty creator could design animals, but these days scientific madmen are getting in on the action. They’re smashing together very different animals to create crazy new mashups, just like a DJ remixing a song, but with genetics. In this article, we’ll introduce you to 20 hybrid animals created by scientists that you won’t believe exist.

First on our list is the human-pig chimera. We’ve got to be careful about this one because we don’t want you to get the wrong idea. This isn’t about pig-human offspring, but rather a process that shows that human and pig cells could work together and grow into something special. In the field of medicine, doctors need plenty of human organs, but sadly, there aren’t enough to go around. People all over the world need organ transplants, and scientists have been working on ways to try and circumvent this shortage. Their theory is that if they could introduce human cells into an animal host, they could grow organs through that animal and then give them to humans. Well, they found out that pigs could do just that. They were able to introduce human cells into pigs, and those cells not only worked but they actually grew. If some big changes are made, and organs are able to be reproduced in pigs, this could potentially save a whole lot of lives.

Next up is the humanzee. You may think that the idea of fusing human beings and other animals together was only a recent kind of thing because of the advancements of technology. However, it’s not. Not even close. In fact, people like mad scientists have had this idea for decades, and one person even claimed that a scientist in the 1920s was able to make the first-ever humanzee by giving human DNA to a female monkey and reproducing a spawn. What’s more, the person who made this claim about the century-old research project said that the spawn was indeed a live birth. Most hybrid animals are unnatural and die in stillbirth events, which would obviously make this a revolutionary move if it were true. But why do we believe that it’s not true? Well, just think about this in non-gross terms. First, it would be a radical thing in all the ways that matter. Second, if the scientist was able to make it work, why didn’t they get the credit for it or just as importantly, why didn’t they do it again? Not to mention that the person was from Florida, and we all know how their minds work. So that’s why you don’t go and believe everything that you read.

The blood parrot chiclet fish is another interesting fusion. This creature is produced by crossing the Midas chiclet and the redheaded chiclet, and the blood parrot chiclet’s genetic mixture has left the fish with a combination of physical traits that compromise the fish’s ability to thrive. For example, the blood parrot has a very tiny mouth, which wouldn’t be bad in some cases, but for this fish, it’s so small that it can’t even eat what it wants in order to survive. There are even some activists out there who are trying to get this fish boycotted.

If you need more proof that there are serious dangers in making fused animals, look no further than the infamous Africanized bees, aka the killer bees. The intention of making these bees was honey production. Specifically, the bees would be sent to places like Brazil to help with making honey. However, things went wrong, and now they’re one of the biggest menaces in the Western Hemisphere. These truly are killer bees, and there are stories to prove it.

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