The curious orphan spotted deer is winning thousands of hearts.

The difference always stands out in the eyes of others; everything that is uncommon in our lives attracts our attention and an unusual deer has attracted the attention of many people on social networks.

Boo  is a deer who has made a splash on his ranch and among his more than 78,000 followers on an Instagram account dedicated to him and the other deer he lives with. Fuzzy Fawn is a sanctuary that rescues, rehabilitates and releases deer in need of help.

Boo stands out for having a very unique color fur for a deer. Normally his fur is various shades of brown, but Boo instead  looks like a Dalmatian.  That’s right, on his skin there is an extensive white color with some black spots.

The sanctuary where Boo lives is called Fuzzy Fawn and is managed by Leondra Scherer, where they are dedicated to the voluntary rescue of white-tailed deer to re-adapt them to the wild. In July of last year they met Boo. The poor man only had a week to live and  was an orphan because his mother had been hit by a car.

Scherer reports that the little boy has that peculiar color because he suffers from a genetic condition called piebaldism.  This disease is rare in deer, where only 2% of its population is exposed to this mutation that affects the total depigmentation of the body , with the exception of the eyes.

“There are many color variations, some deer are almost completely white but they are not albino. In addition to coloration, many piebald sufferers have other conditions: arched nose, short bowed legs, arched back, short lower jaw, and various internal problems. Boo’s observable conditions are nose, back, short legs, and an extremely bowed leg. I’m going to see if a cast would help straighten it out”, says the expert.

To find the correct diagnosis and how to treat Boo’s condition, Scherer spoke with many of his veterinarian friends and the Ark of Nora Wildlife Rehabilitation Center to decide whether to let him grow up without a cast on his shorter leg.

Boo’s health is getting better and better and he has been a great help to the other deer because with his unique beauty he has managed to attract people’s attention and the Fuzzy Fawn Sanctuary has become well known.

Instagram / Fuzzy Fawn

The sanctuary has grown in followers and donations. There is now more support for the rehabilitation of deer belonging to the state of New York. In addition, Scherer has managed to motivate and contact other rehabilitators in the country.

If you want to help Boo and other deer at the center you can go to their facilities or make a donation and learn more about the activities of the sanctuary  here .

Its beauty is unique! Do not leave without sharing this beautiful rescue story

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