The strangest finds in the body of animals are terrifying (Video)

Basically, all learning is tested when the food is in the stomach, we come out from a place that everyone knows.However, as a unit we have to take special care and mind of class problems with animals, it will be a bit more.Most animals have a 6th sense, that is, they will sense danger not to come out, and they can also let go of what they put in.So let’s be with her today, who discovers strange things, poisons from monsters found inside when acting out.Well, there are three live turtles in the belly of the alligator.

Crocodiles are not a mate and will not be afraid to attack even gay people when angry, but finding 3 live turtles in a crocodile’s stomach will surely kill them.A video posted online shows a crocodile being caught and excavated to reveal three stomachs.Fortunately, 2 out of 3 of the turtles ended up in the nest, getting their heads and feet up, while the third one seemed weak and needed time to rest before it could get up.This uploaded video has been the subject of controversy from many people because they think that the episode may have been downgraded.

However, alligators have very interesting appetites and will eat anything, including eggs.Their strong jaws are capable of producing cuts that can destroy bones due to partial breakage.Garment is thick and tough of turtles.People often use iron tongs to let the snakes or snakes eat meat.The reason is that it is meant to be safe in court, so that even the clamps shown are not left out.

For example, the teacher’s school is usually, the owner of the above teacher is Mr. Aro.This catastrophic disaster happened once.When he taught his animal to eat it, he used meat tongs to feed the baby, and one mouse stuck the whole meat in his stomach.By the time he passed the center of 10 points of the clamp, Mr. Hello tried that he couldn’t make it in time, he hoped that it would come out.When I love, I am lost.Oggy quickly put the meat on his stomach.

Animals cannot пtwo food polesп.The hostess gave the results.The x-ray clearly shows the area where the clamp was stuck on the inside of the reptile’s abdomen.The large part of the animal’s abdomen is because of the market forceps, the doctors made a large incision in the abdomen with the foreign body removed before the clamp without causing anydamage to the body’s organs. to the amount of money in the turtle’s belly.Throwing trash in the pond for good luck or for a wish is a lifelong superstition and can be harmful to living things in the living world.In Thailand, it is said that throwing objects at a turtle will help increase longevity and good luck.

Because of that, in the past, she was in a reservoir on the East side of Sooitre Town and had to cover up a lot of money due to people looking at it and totaling a total of 915 Dong.This Miss Sea Turtle Has Swallowed Hundreds Of Pounds For The Hole Tossed By A Customer.And Ms. The Total Weight of Soil created a 5kg metal ball in Ba’s stomach.Gradually, the amount of food caused the lower part of the stomach, the neck to fly, to break and cause an infection.When it was discovered, she was sick and nearly died.The medical facility they conducted 3D scanning to determine the location of the objects and a pair of fish hooks.

Based on these information, a team of 5 surgeons at the University of Chalalogkor performed anesthesia and performed surgery for 4 hours in a row, the doctors took out all the organs. Graph the map through a 10cm-long Rach Ho line on the turtle’s body.Many of the subheads have been corroded or partially dissolved.addition, the doctors took out two hooks.The surgery costs about 15,000 bowls and is donated from the community.However, it is not yet clear whether guests are prohibited from throwing bad food or not.Tires and sharks.It is possible that sharks are part of a marine species that has been affected by digestive problems with waste disposal and old processes.

Regarding the marine environment, this may be due to the way we earn by burning a large amount of lees at the same time and then using 1 vehicle to get rid of the system’s body system. In the process of digestion, plastic and rubber are damaged and this may have led to his death in 1970, the day of operation, millions of tires were dumped in Mexico.This is a way of trying to create a beautiful and creative coral that encourages the development of wildlife.They used old tires to encourage recycling.Their good intentions had surprisingly bad results.

The project was a bad idea and got the shark under the La Nham stepladder tyres with sea creatures and eating them.Many species of sharks are included in the list of endangered species.By taking aggressive measures to stop illegal harvesting and enough waste, can we protect these amazing creatures from the terrible death they have to endure?Because the Earth is having problems with emissions and human beings are its lovers.Not only the impact of waste pollution affects the environment and our cleanliness, but also affects the creatures on earth.

Many animal species also suffer from the effects of waste pollution, from loss of habitat to infection and disease due to toxicity of pollutants.More than 6 saplings were found in the stomach of a sea bass that was then dead and washed ashore in the National Park of Cambodia, Indonesia.The Director of the National Parks of the United States of America, Canada, has said that archaeologists from the WWF and the National Museum of Archeology have found about 5.9 senses of the stomachs of the fish. In total, there were 115 horses, 4 plastic bottles, 25 plastic bags, 2 pairs of high-heeled sandals, 1 bag of backpacks and more than 1000 pieces of other mixed plastic, materials, objects and an excessive amount of garbage in the stomach. .

It is a warning message that is especially concerned with Environmentalists, all government agencies in Indonesia, a country that is said to be one of the most dangerous wastes released into the environment and to take care of fish.Sometimes you start something.But then you realize that it’s probably not a great idea, but because the game has already started, you’ll have to let it go.This may have been the thought of this man when he started the process of burning alligators in a five-hour battle.

The dead stork killed the crocodile in Ba Zealaad, Australia and then gradually opened its mouth to burn the crocodile without two food, the eyes burned all the way and then the stomach began to burn.According to a report, the body parts of the crocodile are still in great proportion through the body, and the stumps of the trees and the old paws cause pain and inflammation.The positive side of eating such a class meal is that we get to eat in the morning because our digestive system will take a long time to break down the food?85 kg of plastic in one bull.

In some countries such as India, there is a legal ban on eating beef, and besides that, an abundant amount of plastic waste can cause dire consequences for animal life.In India, cattle breeders often don’t know what to do with gay cattle when, unfortunately, they can’t eat the cattle and so this leads to the animals being abandoned.An abandoned livestock has to fend for itself and find food, there’s a shop and anything that smells or tastes bad is food, here’s to it.A 7-year-old bull was found with a bloated stomach that was full of foul odors, so it was almost unable to stand, even underweight because the weight of its intestines had been taken to one place. Animal Rescue Center to determine what is causing the Abdominal Weight After Long-term or Heavy Surgery In front of Mercury Resin Masks and Metal Sharpeners and other foreign objects that have been removed from the stomach .

Surgeons were indeed told that some of the items that had been there for more than 6 years after the actual surgery were able to stand on their own and are now able to eat rice, with a proper stomach.

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