Watch the Thrilling Moment of Feeding a Hungry Reticulated Python in Secrets of the Zoo (Video)

Reticulated Python Rachel’s Hungry Feast: A Fascinating Look Into a Snake’s Feeding Process

Today is a very special day for Rachel, the reticulated python. She’s been eagerly waiting for her meal all morning, and now that it’s defrosted and at room temperature, she’s ready to eat. But as her caretakers at the zoo know, feeding Rachel is not a task to be taken lightly.

With one zookeeper feeding Rachel and another as backup for safety, they carefully observe her behavior. Rachel is in her food mode, meaning she’s not calm and collected. She’s ready to grab the first thing she sees moving in her enclosure, and they hope it’s the pig they’re offering her and not one of them.

Thế giới động vật: Nuốt phân nửa lợn rừng, trăn vua hốt hoảng nhả ra khi  thấy điều bất thường trong bụng

To encourage Rachel to move into the pond, where they prefer to feed her, they use tickling. They also keep an eye on her, making sure she doesn’t go near the door, which they can quickly close if needed. With the safety measures in place, they proceed with the feeding.

Rachel quickly grabs the pig by its face or head and tightly constricts around its chest and upper body. As she squeezes, she puts extreme pressure on the animal, making sure it’s not putting up any fight. She repositions her mouth to get around the snout and starts to consume it, always eating head first.

Clip: Trăn khổng lồ nuốt chửng nai

As the python eats, she extends her neck from six or seven inches in circumference to over 50 inches to get around the chest of the pig. While doing so, she throws her windpipe external of her throat so she can continue to breathe. A big python like Rachel can open the top and bottom jaw 180 degrees, allowing her to walk the food down into her belly.

The feeding process takes hours, and Rachel eventually finishes everything except the hooves and hair of the pig. The zookeepers know that these parts will come out in her excrement over the next few weeks. They consider the feeding to be successful since Rachel grabbed the pig straight away and started swallowing it immediately.

Observing Rachel’s feeding process is not only fascinating but also provides insight into the life of a reticulated python. These snakes are dangerous animals, and it’s crucial to take precautions while feeding them. Rachel’s caretakers at the zoo understand the risks and take every necessary step to keep everyone safe.

In conclusion, reticulated python Rachel’s feeding process is a mesmerizing sight to behold. The careful attention and safety measures taken during her feeding process remind us of the importance of respecting and understanding wild animals.


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