What is the biggest animal a snake can eat?

There is no doubt that snakes can be some of the scariest animals on the planet. Thankfully, most of the snake species across the world are totally harmless and don’t really care much to mess with humans. Even if they wanted to, most snakes are much too small to really threaten a human. Still, there are some species of snake out there who are so large that most people would be shocked at just how large a kill they can eat. Today, we are going to be exploring just that: what is the largest animal a snake can eat? The answer may surprise you!

The largest recorded animal eaten by a snake was a 150 lb hyena that was swallowed by an African rock python in 2017. National Geographic caught the encounter on video and was able to film the 12 foot 10-inch snake coiled around the animal as it began to swallow. Previously, the largest animal to ever be eaten by a snake was a 130 lb impala eaten by an African rock python back in 1955.

There is a lot of speculation as to the largest animal that a snake can eat! Currently, the record is held by a rock python in Africa that killed and ate an adult hyena weighing 150 lbs. Although big cats and hyenas are often considered to be predators of these snakes, rock pythons will occasionally consume cubs if given the chance. The video of the snake swallowing the hyena prompted scientists to consider the fact that rock pythons are more capable of hunting dangerous prey than they had originally thought.

While this hyena may be the largest animal eaten on record, that doesn’t mean there aren’t undocumented examples of larger animals that have been consumed by pythons. In general, these snakes do make meals of cattle and deer, with record of a Burmese python in Florida swallowing a 35 lb deer in 2018. Who knows when the current record will be beaten? And there are also two reported cases of a reticulated python killing and consuming a human.

Rock pythons are some of the largest snakes in the world, and they are known to eat some pretty large animals. Although these snakes are truly massive, they aren’t the only species to go after prey as large as they are.

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